Artman Designs and Media, is a full service Web, Graphic and Image design house, with Copy writing, Transcription and Printing services on board.  Our extensive portfolio and well over a decade of experience guarantee that we won’t disappoint! 

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  • Web Development – This is our speciality, where we have loads of experience in the website development of WordPress and UX design websites.  If you give us an idea, we can make it happen!
  • Graphic Design – from personal graphic ideas that you want contextualised onto screen, to infographics, corporate identities and PowerPoint presentations for business use, we do it all! 
  • Video Editing – YouTube channels for business’s (and individuals) are really taking off now.  Send us your recorded video to edit and make upload ready, so that you can join the YouTube trend.
  • Copy Writing – need help with generating the content for your website, business plan, or even text summaries? We are your people! 
  • Transcription Services – based on the audio you send us, we convert this into written content. Think university dissertations, subtitles, or interviews.
  • Social Media Management – We will create original, strategic and relevant posts for your brand, meeting all the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn requirements.
  • Printing Services – what printing we cannot do in-house, we outsource to printers who provide fabulous quality prints at great rates.
  • SEO – we will help you to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website, through amazing content writing and other strategies. 
  • Ecommerce – Let us help you set up your online store, so that you can be part of the online store movement!